[texhax] Two bibliographies in one paper.

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Sep 9 10:23:12 CEST 2018

On 09/09/18 00:39, Rolf Turner wrote:>> biblatex is the normal solution,
and because it's all written in LaTeX
>> code, it's not hard to modify it so that it produces the same format as
>> anzsj.bst
> Not hard for *you*, maybe, mate!  But for me, a Herculean task! 

Possibly not: the modifications to biblatex styles may be as simple as
changing the character that separates volume and issue from a colon to a
space, and there's a command for that. Sure, if you need radical
changes, it might need some LaTeX programming, but if you have some
formatted examples of how anszj looks, it's simple to make a 10-line
document to produce them in one biblatex style, change the style,
produce them in another, and repeat until you find something very close,
and then modify that one. biblatex uses your existing .bib files for data.

> given that I could find a convenient chunk of
> time in which to focus on it.

That's always the problem.
> Thanks Peter.  The bibunits package is exactly what I need!
> The one issue not addressed in your email (nor in the documentation for
> bibunits, as far as I can see) is that of changing the title of the
> bibliography from "References" to something else, e.g. "References for
> the discussion".

You found a solution, although normally it's just
\renewcommand{\refname}{References for the discussion}
and then put the formatting

> (Can you explain the stubborn insistence on bold font?  Not that it
> really matters; just idle curiosity.)

This is normal. Reference sections are usually EITHER at chapter level
(the default) OR at section or subsection level (see bibunits
documentation, p.4), so the font is bold because chapter and
[sub]section headings are bold *by default*, so the references headings
are set to match them. bibunits uses LaTeX's standard 'thebibliography'
environment for making the headings, so that's what you get by default.

What you appear to be needing is something very different: a heading
with the default chapter style and spacing, but with the text in plain
italics, so it's a manual change (it would be possible to do it using
the internal code, but hardly worth it unless you wanted to change the
spacing above and below as well).


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