[texhax] Mar18 TUG news: conferences, Harris, Lithuania, TUGboat

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Wed Mar 7 01:52:34 CET 2018

Dear TeXers,

Spring is upon us, with much interesting news.

Several important conferences opened the registration

1.  I am pleased to announce that TUG2018 in Rio (July 20--22)
    has published a registration page and call for papers:
    https://tug.org/tug2018/.  This year TUG is a satellite conference
    for the International Congress of Mathematicians.

    Welcome news for citizens of the US, Australia, Canada & Japan:
    Brazil opened eVisa program, which makes obtaining visa much easier.

    Please note that TUG2018 will include the Annual Meeting of TUG.

2.  We have a Practical TeX conference in Troy, NY, USA (June 25--27). 
    Info and registration at https://tug.org/practicaltex2018/.

3.  Another TeX tradition, BachoTeX in Poland (April 28--May 2),

In other news, I am glad to welcome a new institutional member
of TUG, Harris Space and Intelligence Systems.  It is especially
noteworthy for me personally, since I was a Harris employee in
2015--2017, and have very pleasant memories of working there.  

On the international front, Lithuania recently celebrated 100 years of
its Act of Independence.  Lithuanian designers celebrated it with a nice
handwriting font based on the manuscript of the act:
http://signato.lt/en/.  The font is free for non-commercial use.

Finally, the first issue of TUGboat for 2018 is coming along well.  More
submissions of all types are welcome! The deadline we're aiming for is
March 16.  Please see https://tug.org/TUGboat/ for more information.

Have a great spring - and see you at our conferences!

Boris Veytsman (TUG president)

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