[texhax] Crowd funding for LaTeX development

Schneider, Thomas (NIH/NCI) [E] schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Tue Oct 3 00:50:10 CEST 2017


>     The Tex User Group (TUG) organization is the official home of all
>     things TeX and LaTeX.
> Thank you very very much. However, 1) please fix the name to be "TeX
> Users Group" (capital X, plural Users),

Ooops!  I know better!  Fixed!

> and 2) I'm troubled by the
> claim, because TUG is not the official home for the software (such as
> tex.web) that Knuth himself maintains. He has never, and will never,
> delegate that to anyone else. Similarly, TUG is not the official home
> for LaTeX either (that would be latex-project.org). Etc.
> So I feel we need to come up with some other wording, but my brain is
> failing me. Maybe TUG "... is a central place for all ..." ?

Ok, I've switched to that:

    The TeX Users Group (TUG)
    organization is a central place
    for all things TeX and LaTeX.

until/if you find something better.

>     THEN at the TUG page there could be a BIG clear link to the donations
> The TUG home page has, and must have, many purposes. Garnering donations
> is not its first and foremost job. For one thing, TUG is better off with
> members than donors. I can't make anything "BIG" except at the expense
> of everything else.
>     donation link is lost in the introduction text.  
> I don't expect people to read text.  "Make a donation" is also the
> second link in the navbar to the left, after only "Contact us".
> Also, I plan to add a donation link next to "join us" at the top, but it
> won't be for a few days.

Perfect!!!  Having it just below the 'join us' would be sufficient.

> Also, I plan to make a simplified donation page itself for people to
> link to.
> Of course everything can be missed, everyone looks in different places,
> everyone has different expectations and thinks different things are
> "obvious", etc., etc. In general, there are reasons for every single
> word and every single link on that page. I've gone over it and over it
> trying to reduce it, for 15+ years now. There are no easy
> answers ... --thanks again, karl.

Thank YOU!


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