[texhax] download successful, installation not working

Joachim von zur Gathen gathen at bit.uni-bonn.de
Fri Dec 15 23:09:48 CET 2017

Dear all,

Many thanks again. Lightning quick response.

Bill's message: my first thought "bullshit". Some manual somewhere says
that all subdirectories are automatically included. But I followed his
advice (confirmed by Liviu), and it works.

Sorry to take your time with such trivia, I am used to finding out
things by myself. But the MacTeX documentation is not always up to date.
Eg., I just mentioned a manual but cannot find it now. The
texlive/2017/README has some old non-existing file names; it is easy to
figure out the current ones.

I still have some problems: The pdf inside TexWorks displays in an
unusual format, uglier than what I am used to on my old installation:
small size, only one page at a time, (apparently) larger \linesep than
when I open the pdf with preview. Maybe I have to add to Typesetting all
paths to subdirectories - ugly. The proper .tex source code with colors
and line numbers shows very briefly (0.1 sec?) when I open it, but then
turns to a b/w without line numbers. If this is beyond your call of
duty, I can probably figure out something myself.


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