[texhax] Spurious kappa1 glyph in cmmi fonts?

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Wed Mar 9 14:25:11 CET 2016

On Tue, 8 Mar 2016, Douglas McKenna wrote:

    Using the fonttable package, one can get a one-page picture of all
    128 glyphs for the TFM character codes in any of the cmmi
    (Computer Modern Math Italic) fonts, using, i.e.,
    But if one converts the "cmmi" file's corresponding .pfb file to an
    OpenType font file, and then browses the glyphs in that resultant
    ".otf" file, there appear to be two extra glyphs that aren't
    represented in the original TFM font.  The PostScript glyph names
    associated with these two extra glyphs are "hardspace" and "kappa1".

"kappa1" is almost certainly what is also
called \varkappa, and that glyph is in the
msbm font at "7B.  it was never in cmmi,
but was found to be needed and added in a
different font.  (the fonts at that time
were limited to 128 glyphs.)

presumably the choice to add it to the cmmi
.pfb is that it really makes more sense
grouped with the other variant greeks.

    Are these spurious glyphs in the .pfb file left over from some hand
    conversion back in the day, or is there more method to the madness
    than I can surmise?  How is it possible to draw this "kappa1" glyph
    using just a TFM cmmi font?

just use \varkappa from the msbm font;
there should also be a .pfb file for that.
					-- bb

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