[texhax] Where does package doclicense live in TeXLive?

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Mar 10 23:39:49 CET 2015

Gordon Haverland wrote 21 minutes after some full hour:
> > tlmgr to install it
> Figures. Gentoo doesn't provide tlmgr, and comments about it say
> "tlmgr wrecks the distribution" (paraphrased).

Debian similarly --


> Do people still manually install packages?

I do, and I have seen notices from Michael Barr and Joseph Wright 
indicating that they do.

I would like to encourage this very much. I have already automated 
installing from ready .tds.zip's and "copying" ready .sty files
from CTAN into one of my TDS trees with Bash. Sometimes I felt 
being near to start the "yfinatc" package (un-ctanify, opposite
direction to Scott Pakin's package). It may rather be "yfinatc-bash",
more ideally ypfinatc-sh, more platform-independent yfinatc-perl.

Conceptually, it is (usually) simple (more difficult especially 
with .sty support for fonts, just experienced these days).
Let $TeXMFbyHands$ be the TDS root on your installation 
(I used $TEXMF, but regret that now) and $Pkg the package 
("doclicense" here). $Pkg.dtx and $Pkg.ins exactly are what goes
$TEXMFbyHands/source/latex/$Pkg (while my own packages do not have
them). README and $Pkg.pdf go to $TEXMF/doc/latex/$Pkg (Yannis 
H. also provides "liesmich", difficult ...). latex $Pkg.dtx 
generates $Pkg.sty (while sometimes other things) which goes to
$TeXMFbyHands. With doclicense, there are .ldf files; "copy" them 
from CTAN into $TeXMFbyHands/tex/doclicense.

TEXMF/tex contains what must be input by TeX (primitive TeX 
input function, \input in TeXbook) so that the package can be 
used. Remaining TEXMF/doc and TEXMF/source are clear. 
(Here TEXMF stands for some TDS root, there may be several on 
the system.)

For old LaTeX packages such as Yannis H.'s, $Pkg.pdf may not 
exist on CTAN, you rather must run pdflatex (or some more general 
procecure $PDFLaTeX, perhaps involving dvips...) on $Pkg.dtx.
The case of doclicense


is more difficult, involving makeindex and thumbpdf. Some latexmk 
etc. packages and texify may simplify generation of $Pkg.pdf --


The initial versions of yfinatc my be unable to place all files 
properly or even to generate really all of the needed ones, but 
it should be helpful, though.



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