[texhax] One small sample problem with glossaries 4.04

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Wed Mar 12 14:17:50 CET 2014


Wow, that was a quick fix. The glossaries-prefix package was added to the files for the glossaries package with a TeX Live update today. Thanks folks.

There is a very small, easily fixed problem with the sample-langdict.tex sample document supplied with the glossaries 4.04 package. There is a custom glossary defined which uses the `fls' extension for it's output file. Unfortunately that extension is used by (pdf)latex when the --recorder option is specified (i.e., doc.tex produces a doc.fls file) which leads to rather strange output. Changing that extension to something like `flx' solves the problem.

PS: Is there a way to tell the makeglossaries script to only process a given glossary extension rather than all of those produced in the first typeset run? I don't see anything in the --help list.

I am putting together a proper latexmkrc file for processing the files produced by glossaries and would like to have separate runs for each glossary type (main, acronym, custom) using makeglossaries so it can use makeindex/xindy depending upon the presence of the [xindy] option. Actually I can have a single dependency/rule (using latexmk) for gls->glo using makeglossaries to process ALL of the glossary types UNLESS the [nomain] option is used for the glossaries package. That last option is the bug in the ointment.

Finally, the biblatex package uses the logreq package to produce a file containing information about dependencies and rules for files it produces. I wonder if a future version of the glossaries version could also use the logreq package to do the same? John Collins, the maintainer latexmk, has suggested that the file produced by the logreq package could be used to automatically determine necessary dependencies and rules for a future version of latexmk.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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