[texhax] Mar 2014 TUG news: TUG'14 conference, TeX Collection, meetings

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Tue Mar 11 23:59:01 CET 2014

Dear TeX users,

March, at least around here, did not come in like a lion,
and for that we are grateful.  But the (TeX) lion is with us
in a seasonal way as we look forward to summer.

This summer, plan to come to Portland, Oregon, for TUG 2014.
The conference is July 28--30. Rooms are reserved for conference
participants at the Mark Spencer Hotel in downtown Portland.
You can cancel any time up to 24 hours before arrival, so it is better
to reserve now and cancel later if need be.  Further details, and a call
for papers are on the conference website at

Work on the TeX Collection software for 2014 is already underway.
An approximate schedule is posted at http://tug.org/texlive,
and test builds should begin shortly.

Other news:

* Paper renewal letters have been sent out to TUG members in 2013 
  who have not yet renewed. If you haven't yet, please consider 
  supporting TUG and the TeX community.

* The first issue of TUGboat for 2014 will be closed soon,
  but we can take submissions for another few days.
  The next TUGboat issue will be the conference proceedings
  (please submit presentation proposals :).

* Upcoming meetings
  DANTE e.V.'s 25th anniversary, Heidelberg, April 11-14, 2014.
  EuroBachoTeX 2014, Bachotek, Poland, April 30-May 4, 2014.
  8th ConTeXt Meeting, Bassenge, Belgium, Sept. 8-13, 2014.

Happy TeXing!

Steve Peter
TUG President
(on behalf of the TUG Board)

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