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Don Arseneau brought up a good point
about considering not only line width,
but also paragraph length.

I am interested to know when the paragraph marker
changed from an indent to an extra line
which encloses a paragraph in white space.

Robert Horn did a lot of research on the presentation of information.
In his work he dispenses with the idea of the paragraph
and replaces it with the concept of a topic,
which has a topic descriptor in the left margin and the explanation
in one or more blocks.

Here are his two books.

Mapping hypertext: the analysis, organization,
and display of knowledge
for the next generation of on-line text and graphics. 1989

Visual language : global communication for the 21st century. 1998


His research is the foundation of the Information Mapping,
also known as Structured Writing.

After studying his work, I chose the Reference Manual document class
when I began my technical writing career in earnest.

See also the national standards ideas in
The Plain Writing Act of 2010


Ron Fehd  Atlanta GA
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