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*Please forward this email to anyone who has an interest in TeX or

Lollipop is an advanced new TeX format like Plain TeX, ConTeXt, LaTeX, and
other TeX formats that is built on top of the TeX engine. Lollipop was
written by Victor Eijkhout in 1992--1993 and then was unmaintained until
this year. I took the maintenance of Lollipop over this year and currently
I am the only team member of Lollipop project. Lollipop was licensed under
"No Commercial usage" and I just changed the license to GPL v3. Please see

Lollipop is TeX made easy. Lollipop is a macro package that functions as a
toolbox for writing TeX macros. Its main aim is to make macro writing so
easy that implementing a fully new layout in TeX would become a matter of
less than an hour for an average document, and that it would be a task that
could be accomplished by someone with only a very basic training in TeX

Lollipop is an attempt to make structured text formatting available for
environments where previously only WYSIWYG packages could be used because
adapting the layout is so much more easy with them than with traditional
TeX macro packages.

One of the goals of Lollipop is perfect mathematical typesetting; for
example I am interested in developing a mechanism that Lollipop would be
able to break your equations smartly into multilines; something that you do
with align environment manually in LaTeX. The development of mathematical
typesetting of Lollipop is on an early stage and I would like to get some
feedback from mathematicians or other people that typeset mathematics with
TeX to improve the design level of Lollipop for mathematical typesetting.

If you have any wish for mathematical typesetting with TeX; something that
you think it would be good if it existed; something that could be improved
please make an official feature request for the Lollipop project. The
repository of Lollipop project can be fount at

If you want to suggest any feature/wish, etc for mathematical typesetting,
please post that at the issues section of Lollipop project page at

I also need volunteers to test the development versions of Lollipop and
report bugs; if you are happy to help, then please let me know.

Could you please post this to anyone with might be interested.
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