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Kathryn Gucer kathryn.gucer at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 21:26:08 CEST 2014

Dear TUG members,

I am editor working on an academic book written in LaTeX.  I am writing
with a question about latexdiff, a Perl script that allows multiple TeX
users to track changes they have made to one TeX file (

Here's the problem that I'm encountering. I am working on a complex .tex
file (Draft1.tex)  that pulls the parts a book (e.g., table of contents,
chapters, bibliography) together and integrates them into a .pdf of the
entire book when I compile it in MikTeK 2.9.  These parts (e.g., chap1.tex,
chap2.tex, and so on)  are .tex files that are external to Draft1.tex and
they cannot be compiled individually.

When I use latexdiff to generate a comparison between Draft1.tex (author's
original) and Draft2.tex (draft with my changes), the resulting .pdf does
not show or track any changes to the text in the external file: it only
shows the author's full original 307-page document. Since the bulk of the
author's work is in these external files, I will need to find a way to show
changes in them.

Is it possible that latexdiff cannot work on complex master files? Can
anyone here offer some insight?

Thank you.

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