[texhax] Links in Document do not work anymore

Pascal Bernhard pascal.bernhard at belug.de
Tue Apr 1 21:30:28 CEST 2014

Hi all,

today I realized that all of a sudden the hyperlinks (internal 
references as well as urls) aren't working anymore in my LaTeX-document. 
This must have happened over the past few days, it is only  today that I 
noticed that. Consequently I'm having trouble figuring out what has gone 
wrong. I have changed nothing the preamble or added any new packages, so 
it must something to do with the links I set.

Here I'm trying to construct a somewhat informative minimal example:

(I commented out the previous lines, since I wasn't sure whether '\ref' 
and '\nameref' can be used alongside, but that still didn't make my 
links work)






Gasmarktliberalisierung im Baltikum},pdfauthor={Pascal 
Bernhard},pdfproducer={Texlive-LaTeX 2013 on
Sabayon GNU/Linu 




%Here is a label to a 

%Here I'm talking abou Ownership Unbundling (for a definition

\section[Name of the section to be used by the reference]{Section 

As you can see in section \textsf{\nameref{sec:Section1}}


Thanks a lot for your suggestions,


Pascal Bernhard

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