[texhax] TOCLOFT "ghosts" the headers and causes errors in amsbook

bnb at ams.org bnb at ams.org
Tue Apr 1 19:42:00 CEST 2014


    In the minimal example, I have not re-defined any of the headers: chapter,
    section, subsection,.   i.e. they all adopt their default values.

    Without package TOCLOFT, the section headers all perform well, but I get
    the the word "Chapter" appearing in contents in front of "List of Figures"
    and "List of Tables".

    With TOCLOFT included, a ghost header shadows every header in the body of
    the text, and there are many errors.

at ams, we have tocloft listed as
"not to be used".  i'm not sure whether
this is because we expect books to be
published by ams to conform to the ams
style, or there is an inherent incompatibility
between amsbook and tocloft.

    I've tried all sorts of re-ordering of the packages without success.

    If I change from amsbook to, say, report, then there is no problem.

    The manual claims TOCLOFT is compatible with Fancy Header.

well, we also have fancyhdr listed as
"not to be used", and here there is a
clear report of incompatibility:

  fancyhdr (incompatible with AMS journal specs;
  disables \ps at plain needed for first page folios)

since amsart and amsbook use the same
bseic approach for headers and toc
entries, i suspect your problem may
involve aspects of both packages.

    I would be grateful even for ideas to try.

sorry to not be of more help.
						-- bb

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