[texhax] Thank you ....and a few queries

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jul 16 23:22:18 CEST 2013

Hi Michael,

    1. I need to prepare legal papers

Not sure any of these packages will be directly useful to you.
Most of them are for European jurisdictions.  I can't think of anything
else that was specificially for court papers.

This may be a total red herring, but it occurs to me that one of the
dramatic-play classes just might be useful as a starting point, if
you're talking about court transcripts.  Aside from the
fictional/nonfictional aspect :), I can imagine quite a few similarities
between the two.  http://www.ctan.org/topic/drama-script

    for print and online publishing. 

tex4ht (run "htlatex" from the command line) is another option for
making HTML from LaTeX, besides what Will suggested.

OTOH, if your online requirements can be satisfied with PDF, there's no
need for any other software; just run pdflatex instead of latex.

    I believe LaTeX would be better suited for the print layout
    [than Texinfo]

Speaking as the maintainer of Texinfo, I am sure you are correct about
that.  Texinfo was intentionally designed not to support typesetting of
arbitrary layouts, so you would find it very hard to change things
around.  Especially switching fonts.

    2. I would like to reformat a few instructional manuals (LaTeX, Texinfo, 
    Wget, Linux, etc) with smaller margins, smaller fonts and maybe two 
    columns to print for personal use. 

The Texinfo and Wget manuals, at least, use Texinfo.  You can add
@fonttextsize 10
@end tex
to the Texinfo source (or run texi2pdf -t "@fonttextsize 10", etc.) To
typeset them in a smaller size than the default, which is 11pt.

Smaller margins: check out the @pagesizes command in the Texinfo manual.

Two columns: no feasible way to do that one.

    Is there any way I can force LaTex to compile at fonts sizes smaller
    than 10pt? 

For the record, Texinfo uses plain TeX as a base, not LaTeX.

For more help with Texinfo specifically, as opposed to LaTeX, feel free
to write help-texinfo at gnu.org.

Hope this helps,

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