[texhax] Thank you ....and a few queries

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Tue Jul 16 17:57:54 CEST 2013

On Jul 16, 2013, at 12:12 AM, msteele wrote:

> Is there any way I can prepare one source for both online and print format that uses LaTex to generate the print format? 

Yes, look at gellmu, pandoc, &c.

> Is LaTeX anymore versatile/capable than TeX?

Fundamentally, LaTeX is TeX, just w/ a pretty interface --- it's certainly easier to use --- I wrote up a bit of a comparison here: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Comparison_between_ConTeXt_and_other_typesetting_programs

Short version, use LaTeX unless there's a reason not to.

> Is there a document class for court papers?

There's jurabib (but it's for German). The formatting isn't too hard, the issue is the idiosyncratic references (assuming you're using bluebook). There was a bit of effort on this in the past, and some discussion here: 


It looks like there're some new developments since last I looked.


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