[texhax] Trouble Installing MacTeX

Thomas Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Fri Jul 12 06:27:33 CEST 2013


> Thanks for the information. It is clear that your problem is the
> umask for sudo.
> I doubt VERY MUCH that this is an Apple default. If that were so,
> why didn't I run into it when I installed on every possible system
> (but not, of course, every subversion of a given system), and why
> didn't other testers run into the problem either?

I don't know.  Did you try running latex from the command line?

What are YOUR permission settings after installation?

Oh!  I use tcsh, maybe the settings for that are different??  Maybe
root inherited my umask?  When I create a fresh directory it is given:


So if my umask is passed on to sudo that would explain it.

My personaly settings should not affect something installed into the
system though!

> As I think I explained in my previous message, it is NOT LIKELY that
> I'll change MacTeX in the future to fix this problem, since some
> users will have set the umask for a reason.
> On the other hand, now that umask has been identified, next year
> I'll add this information to the Part I instructions. The trick is
> figuring out what to say without scaring off people who don't use
> Unix.

If people want to use HomeBrew, then they ought to be able to run an
extra script to handle things their way.  Most people probably do not
use HomeBrew so most people should not have to deal with the

Seems to me that you can do what I did - make a script that sets the
permissions as needed according to different situations.  However I
can't imagine why anyone would want drwx------ for things in /usr.


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