[texhax] Hi, a question about LyX

Ron tr0777 at pris.ca
Sun Mar 4 08:55:01 CET 2012

Sorry to bother you but I have looked on the net and various sites and  
haven't found an answer to the question: Is there a way to make links in  
LyX live links? I know they are live when the book is converted to a pdf  
if you set it that way in 'Document > Settings > Pdf Properties', but I  
mean live and clickable in Lyx. Obviously there is no way with the 'Insert  
> Hyperlink' route, but has anybody, ahem... figured a hack to get live  
links working. I want to use Lyx to help me study Spanish, and internet  
access from the LyX file to the net would be great.


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