[texhax] Feb 2012 TUG news: BachoTeX and conferences, book reviews and discounts

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Fri Mar 2 19:00:48 CET 2012

Dear TeX users,

Was it my imagination, or did that February seem longer than normal? Now
that we've arrived in March, let's get up to speed on what's going on in
the TeX Users Group.

- GUST is celebrating 20 years with a special BachoTeX.
    See the call for papers:

- Review of Jean-luc Doumont's _Trees, maps, and theorems_ 
   by Pavneet Arora now online:

- TUGboat needs your article/review/blurb/musing. The deadline
   for the next issue is March 15. Articles on any aspect of
   TeX and friends are always welcomed.

- RIT Press/RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press is offering 10%-off
   to TUG members for a limited time. The code may be used on one order
   and is valid through May 31, 2012. The exclusive members-only
   discount code is available in the members area:

More news:

- TUG 2012 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, from July 16
   through July 18 at the Omni Parker House. The discount code for our 
   group's hotel reservations is available; see the web site for that 
   and other info.

- Other upcoming TeX conferences in 2012:
   April 29-May 3 - BachoTeX 2012 (Bachotek, Poland)

   August 23-26 - TeXperience 2012 (Beskydy, Czech Republic)

   October 8-12 - EuroTeX 2012 and the Sixth ConTeXt User Meeting 
   (Breskens, The Netherlands)

Steve Peter (President) on behalf of the TUG Board

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