[texhax] LaTeX-TeX Live 2009

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Thu Jul 26 21:59:50 CEST 2012

Pfeffer Washek wrote:

> I am using LaTeX on TeX-Live 2009 program.  Recently, I started to have
> the following problem.
> I make a mistake that stops compiling (such as "undefined control
> sequence").  I correct it and click Typset again.  A new error message
> appears, which is not to anything I typed, and which I do not know how
> to correct.  I must discard the .aux file to start new compiling.
> Could you be so kind as to help me to correct this problem.  I am only a
> mathematician and not very proficient with computers.  If you prefer to
> call me, my home phone number is (520) 297-7755, and I am at home most
> of the time.

I suspect there is an implied "+1" in front of (520), so calling
from the UK is not really an option.  However ...  Have you tried
compiling more than once, and seeing if the problem disappears
on a second or subsequent run ?  It seems to me that if there
is an error in an auxiliary file, and you can persuade the
compilation to run to completion (by entering "s" for "scroll",
"q" for "quiet" or "b" for batch" in response to the error prompt),
the problem may be capable of rectifying itself without a need
to manually delete the auxiliary files.

Of course, I may be wrong (I frequently am).

Philip Taylor

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