[texhax] problem with MathTime Pro 2 fonts and MikTeX

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 14:39:09 CET 2012

** Stan [2012-01-14 23:51:44 -0600]:
[Sorry, I don't have any copy of MT Pro 2 to give more helpful advice]

>>>I'm trying to install MathTime Pro 2 fonts to use with MikTeX 2.9
>>>(using WinEDT 6 under Windows 7).  I used the instructions at
>>>http://www.pctex.com/kb/56.html, but this didn't work.  I tried to
>>>typeset this with Plain TeX:

>>>\input mtp2



>>>but got an error.  The log file's empty, but I copied/pasted the
>>>text that shows up at the bottom of the screen in WinEDT at the
>>>bottom of this message.  Has anybody had the same problem, or can
>>>anyone make sense of the errors?  I checked, and the tfm files are
>>>in my root directory.  I also checked another installation of MikTeX
>>>on a Windows XP computer, and everything works fine there even
>>>though there's no file named "mt2m.cfg" there, either.


>>Use search engines, Stan. For example, google gives me these:

> I found those pages too.  Reinstalling as suggested in the first
> page didn't fix the error I'm getting.  (Mine's similar but not
> identical to the one on the sourceforge page.)
W/o minimal example (LaTeX one would be perfect) and its log generated
by pdf[la]tex it is difficult to find the source of the problem.

>>P.S. Did you try MT Pro 2 with LaTeX?

> Yes, with no luck.

> I might have found the problem, but I still don't know how to solve
> it.  I decided to open "updmap.cfg" in a text editor, and saw that
> it doesn't have the lines from step 5 in
> http://www.pctex.com/kb/56.html.  I searched for other files with
> the same name, and found one in my "roaming" folder under "appdata".
> It was created when I did step 4.  It contains only the following
> lines:

> %% T1 font configuration settings. See the MiKTeX manual for help.
> # MathTimePro II
> Map mtpro2.map
I don't have Windows machine and MiKTeX right now at hand to check but
"roaming" directory seems ok.

> It doesn't seem to matter what directory I'm in when I run the
> initexmf line and the updmap line in steps 4 and 7.  It's not
> modifying the right copy of updmap.cfg.  (Or what I think it the
> right copy, the one under C:\Program Files (x86)\MikTeX\....)  I
> can't modify that file directly in a text editor, since I don't have
> permission to save to its location.  Making a copy of it in My
> Documents, modifying it in a text editor, and then replacing the
> original with that copy didn't work.  Do you know if that's the copy
> that needs to be changed?  I couldn't find anything in the MikTeX
> manual about it.

Try to run
C:\> initexmf --mkmaps
C:\> updmap

The first command should merge all updmap.cfg files into one, the second
command should generate file that pdflatex of dvips uses to produce pdf
or ps file.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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