[texhax] auto footnote placement in textwidth area

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Jan 9 19:48:50 CET 2012

bala <jack_perl at yahoo.com> wrote 09.01.2012 08:50:21:
> Actually i have need to place the footnotes in the each page
> 3rd column bottom alignment only (in the text area part). 
> I have tried in ftnpara package.  But, this is working in
> 2 column only. But my requirement is 3rd column bottom placement.

I do not know of any ftnpara package and cannot find it on CTAN.
"ftnpara" however reminds of "ftnright" (from the tools bundle in the 
"required" distribution of LaTeX) that places all the footnotes of a page
in the right column when a document is typeset in 2-column mode.

So I guess from your words above that by analogy you want to have
all the footnotes of a page in the rightmost column of the three of them.

I have sometimes tried to know all the possibilities of typesetting
footnotes available from CTAN (and other notes), but I am not
aware of a package that typesets footnotes in the rightmost column
with the {multicols} environment.

This would mean that you want to have the footnotes in a rather small
part of the type area, a part whose width is less than one third of the
type area width. Your earlier posting and your subject line rather
indicate something opposite to this interpretation of what you have
posted today.

> simple code is:
>    \documentclass{article}
>   \usepackage{multicol,ftnpara}
>   \begin{document}
>   \title{Title here}
>   \author{Author here\footnote{Author email id}}
>   \section{Introduction}
>   \begin{multicols}{3}
>   <some text here>
>   \end{multicols}
>   \end{document}
> Text area width means need to place the footnote in the <some text here> layout.

I consider "<some text here> layout" a quite counter-intuitive "meaning"
of "text area width". Most things from outside the multicols environment
will appear within the type area (and its "width") too, so it is a funny idea
to refer to multicols content by "type area". Maybe you are working for
an intelligence service and therefore need to "encrypt" your requirement?

Even footnotes appear within the type area, within "type area width",
regardless of any multicols environment.

However, I see the \footnote command within the \author line.
You should not expect that the author line has any effect without
\maketitle -- BTW. BUT! from your wordings I guess that you hope
that that \footnote command OUTSIDE the multicols environment
works as if it had been placed WITHIN <some text here>.
OK! This will remain a secret of the two of us, I won't tell anybody else,
you can trust me!

Now, I can conceive of tricks to make stuff from outside the multicols
environment behave as if it were issued from within the multicols
environment. But unless we can place even the footnotes from
\footnote commands WITHIN the multicols environment within the
third column only, such a trick won't help you.

Sorry -- this doesn't help

 -- Uwe.

--- On Sat, 1/7/12, Uwe Lueck <uwe.lueck at web.de> wrote:

From: Uwe Lueck <uwe.lueck at web.de>
Subject: Re: [texhax] auto footnote placement in textwidth area
To: "bala" <jack_perl at yahoo.com>, texhax at tug.org
Date: Saturday, January 7, 2012, 11:24 PM

bala <jack_perl at yahoo.com[#]> wrote 06.01.2012 18:06:00:
> I have drying multicolumn package with footnote placement
> in the text area width (automatically adjust in the \textwidth area).
> That is possible in LaTeX or XeLaTeX? If yes, could you please
> provide me some sample. I have tried ledmac, footmisc, etc.,
> but this is controlling in the footer align only. But, I need to
> automatically update in the textarea width.

I do not quite understand (i) "footnote placement in the text area width", 
(ii) "controlling in the footer align", and (iii) "automatically update in the
textarea width". The only sense I can make of (i) would be getting
footnotes typeset in a single column of text area width on the page
below the columns, spanning all of them.

And actually I do not quite understand (iv) "drying multicolumn package".
First I thought you tried the *multicol* package already, but you may be
looking for a package allowing multiple columns with text-area-width-wide
footnotes. Anyway, according to what I read, multicol *is* a package that 
does this. It happens without any additional footnote package, just

    \documentclass{article} %% or so
    %% more?
    %% title and such
    TEXT.\footnote{FOOTNOTE TEXT.}

Maybe it stops working as soon as you add another footnote package,
I don't know, sorry ...

HTH -- Uwe.

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