[texhax] auto footnote placement in textwidth area

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Mon Jan 9 08:50:21 CET 2012

Hi Uwe,

Thanks for your response.

Actually i have need to place the footnotes in the each page 3rd column bottom alignment only (in the text area part).  I have tried in ftnpara package.  But, this is working in 2 column only. But my requirement is 3rd column bottom placement.

simple code is:

\title{Title here}
\author{Author here\footnote{Author email id}}
<some text here>


Text area width means need to place the footnote in the <some text here> layout.

Hope you can understand my requirement.

Thanks and Regards,

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Subject: Re: [texhax] auto footnote placement in textwidth area
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bala <jack_perl at yahoo.com> wrote 06.01.2012 18:06:00:
> I have drying multicolumn package with footnote placement
> in the text area width (automatically adjust in the \textwidth area).
> That is possible in LaTeX or XeLaTeX? If yes, could you please
> provide me some sample. I have tried ledmac, footmisc, etc.,
> but this is controlling in the footer align only. But, I need to
> automatically update in the textarea width.

I do not quite understand (i) "footnote placement in the text area width", 
(ii) "controlling in the footer align", and (iii) "automatically update in the
textarea width". The only sense I can make of (i) would be getting
footnotes typeset in a single column of text area width on the page
below the columns, spanning all of them.

And actually I do not quite understand (iv) "drying multicolumn package".
First I thought you tried the *multicol* package already, but you may be
looking for a package allowing multiple columns with text-area-width-wide
footnotes. Anyway, according to what I read, multicol *is* a package that 
does this. It happens without any additional footnote package, just

    \documentclass{article} %% or so
    %% more?
    %% title and such
    TEXT.\footnote{FOOTNOTE TEXT.}

Maybe it stops working as soon as you add another footnote package,
I don't know, sorry ...

HTH -- Uwe.
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