[texhax] Macros that define other macros

Pablo Mayckon pmsf at alu.dc.ufc.br
Mon Dec 3 14:46:01 CET 2012

> Another mistake seems to be that your \macromaker just
> gobbles its own parameter, I believe that it does not
> make sense for \macromaker to have a parameter.

Dear Philip, Neal and Uwe, thanks a lot!

The doubling of the hashes was easy to understand. I also did a quick reading
about "\csname" in the web and in principle understood how to use it. Later I
will try to use these techniques and see whether I succeed. In any case, now I
have a clear indication of what to study.

Uwe: I really wanted the argument of \macromaker to be used in the names of
its "submacros". The need for this was perhaps not clear from that
artificially built example, but I do want to use it in my real context.

Thanks again, --Pablo.

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