[texhax] Macros that define other macros

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Dec 3 09:39:01 CET 2012

Am Sonntag, den 02.12.2012, 21:04 -0300 schrieb Pablo Mayckon:
> I would like to define macros that in their turns define other macros, in the
> spirit of the following erroneous TeX code:
> ---------------------
> \def\macromaker#1{%
>   \def\submacro#1{I am submacro #1}%
>   \def\anothersubmacro#1{I am another submacro #1}}

Inside the replacement text of \macromaker, you must double 
`#'s for "submacros": \def\submacro##1{I am submacro##1}. 
See Chapter 20 of The TeXbook.

Another mistake seems to be that your \macromaker just 
gobbles its own parameter, I believe that it does not 
make sense for \macromaker to have a parameter.

Other \macromaker's may well have parameters, to collect 
what is going to be defined and how, perhaps conditionally 
only, LaTeX's \newcommand is of this kind.



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