[texhax] only pages 1 and 2 of the compiled file of 18 pages are viewable, that is selectable by the page counter

John C Frain frainj at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 00:26:20 CET 2011

I am sure that many people would offer you advice if you provided a
little more information. As it is it it is very difficult if not
impossible to diagnose your problem.  The following suggestions might

If you are generating pdf files can you open them in adobe reader and
check if you have the 18 pages.   Similarly you should be able to open
dvi files in your dvi viewer.  If you can see all 18 pages in adobe
pdf reader then you will know that your Latex program is working
properly.  If you still have missing pages then it is likely that ther
is something wrong with your Latex file(s) or possible with your
Texniccenter configuration.

Alternatively you might try and download TeXmaker which, I think, is a
bit easier to use than TeXnicenter.

Best Regards


On 12 November 2011 18:28, ahbrady <ahbrady at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Working in TeXnicCenter which came to me from TUG as a TeXLive 2009 edition,
> clicking on BUILD in the top bar and gn oing to "Build and view Output', I can
> select only pages 1 and 2 of an 18 page document. I know 18 pages have been
> compiled, because the Output window at the bottom of the screen listing
> 'LaTeX-Result' says: 0 errors pages 18. I'm wondering how to fix the page
> counter to show the full 18 pages. OR, since I also have TeXLive 2011,
> should I just install that and start over? I hesitate to do that, because I
> don't know how the update will install. Will it overwrite the TeXLive 2009
> files, or will I then have 2 separate sets of files and possibly more
> confusion?
> My naivete is obvious. Please help.
> ahbrady at bellsouth.net
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