[texhax] Making a section level as default

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 I have a tex file (attached) to prepare a article/document (pdf). In the
tex file I have four levels of sections namely “\section”, “\subMainHeader”,
“\subsection”, “\secContent” each having the different font size.

My document will mostly contain contents (“\secContent”) in between few or
all the headers (“\section”, “\subMainHeader”, “\subsection”).

The problem is, since I have some headers in between the document, I have to
use the content command (“\secContent”) every time (as given in the tex

Is there any way I can set the command “\secContent” as default, so that I
don’t need to call this command to insert the content every time (before and
after the headers).

I need to keep the spaces (before skip and after skip) intact for all the
four levels.

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