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Tue May 3 06:48:34 CEST 2011

Many thanks.  If so, ...  I think there is no benefits using pdftops
over using Inkscape.  A 35K pdf will be converted to a emf of 58k by
inkscape, to me, it's good enough.  The only problem is that I've not
managed to batch/script inkscape as I wish.

Thanks anyway.

On 3 May 2011 01:13, Steve Schwartz <s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-05-02 at 08:37 +0100, narke wrote:
>> I was confused. You should know, when inserting eps in work, the font
>> is so ugly.
> Ah, well, I don't use MS Word unless I have to, and mostly to read
> things other people send me. So googling I see that indeed MS doesn't
> handle eps or pdf or anything else very well. I played with pstoedit,
> trying to output into a format Word would import, but with mixed
> success.
> Here's another suggestion:
> 1 start from a good pdf
> 2 pdftops -eps file.pdf file.eps
> 3 open a new drawing in OpenOffice
> 4 Insert file.eps there
> 5 Export to an emf or wmf file.
> 6 Import the result into MS Word
> I tried this with a small pdf I had (6kB or so). Step 2 bloated that to
> 20kB. Step 5 bloated that to 25MB (!), although this zipped down to 150.
> Interestingly the resulting Word doc is 200kB. You can eliminate some of
> this bloat by running
> 2a  eps2eps file.eps file_better.eps
> which cleans up the eps (in my case it cut the resulting wmf by a factor
> of 2).
> You might also experiment with inserting file.eps into an OpenOffice
> text document and saving that as a Word file. In my test, that looked
> better (on screen at least) when opened in Word than inserting the eps
> directly into Word.
> As a final remark, you might look at some of the font options for
> pdftops, which you can force to substitute standard fonts for any
> embedded ones. Doesn't help if what you want to see are the original
> fonts, but MIGHT just import better into Word.
> And as a really final remark, you might complain to MS that you paid for
> a piece of software which claims to import eps graphics but which
> doesn't do so properly. [My guess is you wouldn't be the first.]
> That's it. I'm MS'ed out.
> Steve
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