[texhax] Customizing the target at creating context sensitive JavaHelp with Tex4ht

Raul Rosenloecher public3 at raulix.de
Wed Jun 8 21:08:37 CEST 2011

With tex4ht I created all the files needed for javahelp (to show the html
pages and accessing specific pages for a context sensitive help).

I have to access these specific pages by a key. Unfortunately these keys
(target) are generated by a sequential algorithm:

<mapID target="subsection-5"

when I change the order of some sections in latex all links in my software
would be wrong!!!

I would like to put my own keys there und I
also found the place where the target (key name) is generated. 


But I have no idea, what I could use instead
of this. Is there any section property field, which I can write in latex
and (ab)use here?

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