[texhax] detexify

Philipp Stephani st_philipp at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 28 13:57:40 CET 2011

Am 28.01.2011 13:28, schrieb William Adams:
> On Jan 27, 2011, at 7:05 PM, Torsten Wagner wrote:
>> AND drawing a symbol with your fingers is much easier compared to the humble attempts I had to do this with a mice.
> That's why a graphics tablet is always best for such --- Instant TeX for NeXTstep had similar functionality and I used to use it w/ a Wacom ArtZ graphics tablet I had connected to my Cube.
> For those w/ Tablet PCs or pen computers or machines w/ graphics tablets attached there's also the more capable Infty Editor:
> http://www.inftyproject.org/en/software.html
> which will do entire equations (there's also FFES).

How would you compare this to the math handwriting recognition included
in Windows? I think the latter has extremely good recoginition
capabilities, plus it prints the formula in top quality. I think
including support for the math input panel should have top priority for
all Windows TeX editors.

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