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Hello Elaine,

maybe you should not be too dependent of TeXworks.

Try the standard run with "latex xxx.tex; dvips xxx.dvi" and try to avoid TeXworks.
That most probabley means you have to install the TeXlive CD AND also (in Windows) the unixutils (or whatever they are called, they come with the textlive-CD). That means using the same commands in windows and unix, which I regard as a progress.
You work then with a terminal in any case.

The tex files are (by nature) certainly independent! It might demand a deeper understanding of what you are doing |(example:. makeindex -s ... yyy.tex), but that is IMHO no disadvantage.

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My colleague and I use TeXShop for creating pdfTeX documents. Another group we interface with wants to start using it so we can trade documents back and forth easier, but they are on PCs. Does anyone have any recommendations for packages (like TeXShop) they can get?



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