[texhax] Issues with 'caption' package and ACM SIG proceedings class...

Daniel Freedman freedman at physics.cornell.edu
Mon Sep 6 20:14:30 CEST 2010


I'm trying to solve a problem I'm having with use of the 'caption'
package along with ACM's 'sig-alternate' document class (this is a
common class for publishing in computer science proceedings).

Specifically, I find that figure captions in my manuscript's appendix
do not have the correct margins; the right-margin of the caption is
inset from the standard column width of the 2-column layout and thus
not properly aligned with the rest of the text in its column.  In
trying to debug this, I note that if I move the location of the
appendix *prior* to the list of references, this bug disappears
(however, I need to keep the document portions in their current
location)...  It also disappears if I remove the use of the 'caption'
package (however, I need it for other figure, especially along with
the 'subfig' package).

In terms of software versions, I'm using TeXLive on Debian Lenny
(testing), specifically "texlive 2007.dfsg.2-1~lenny2" (in terms of
Debian package versioning).  My invocation calls:

  pdfTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.40.3 (Web2C 7.5.6) (format=pdflatex 2010.8.1)

Some particular package versions:

  caption.sty    2007/01/07 v3.0k
 caption3.sty    2007/01/07 v3.0k
   subfig.sty    2005/06/28 ver: 1.3

Going in a different direction, I tried to upgrade to a more recent
version of 'caption' and ran into a different problem.  I tried the
most recent versions of 'caption.sty' (2010/01/09 v3.1m) and
'caption3.sty' (2010/01/14 v3.1m) packages, and this actually solved
the above problem --- with them, the caption in my appendix is
properly aligned!!!

However, unfortunately, another problem develops here: I now get a
(pdf)LaTex compile error:

  "Package caption Error: No float type 'copyrightbox' defined."

According to the SIG FAQ, I can remove the ACM copyright box, by
making the following inclusion:


However, this works fine for a draft of the document, but I *need* to
include the copyright box for final publication, so this isn't a real fix.

Any ideas on how to correct the margin with my (older)
already-installed 'caption' v.3.0k package, or else how to fix the
copyrightbox/copyrightspace issue with the newest version?  I'd
greatly appreciate your input (I'm no TeX expert... :)

Thanks so much,

PS By the way, more ACM SIG class information is available at:


Daniel Freedman <{freedman at physics | dfreedman at cs}.cornell.edu>
  Post-Doc, Distributed Systems, Computer Science, Cornell University

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