[texhax] "too many unprocessed floats"

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Sep 1 22:04:31 CEST 2010

On 1 September 2010 Zbigniew Nitecki wrote:

 > The context for this is too large to reproduce, but I hope I can
 > get some ideas how to either resolve the problem or work around it.
 > In a book-length document with many pictures, done either using
 > pstricks or pst3d-solides, I replaced one float with a more
 > complicated one involving subfig (and using pst3d-solides).  On its
 > own (ie, in a stand-alone file), this float works fine, but when
 > inserted in the larger project (in place of a float which
 > previously was totally unproblematic) the processing stops---quite
 > a few pages and floats later---with the error message Latex error:
 > too many unprocessed floats.
 > When I comment out this new float, everything works fine.
 > Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on, and more important,
 > any idea for how to handle it?  I realize the question is an
 > abstract one, but I have no idea how to create a minimal example to
 > show what is happening.

Insert a \clearpage after this float.  If there is not enough space on
a page to place a particular float, it's floating to the end of the
document.  If there are other floats after it, they are floating too
because LaTeX preserves the order.  But the number of float registers
is limited.  \clearpage forces all pending floats to be flushed.

This was the short answer.  I strongly recommend Keith Reckdahl's
excellent article "Using Imported Graphics in LATEX and pdfLATEX".


See especially section 17.


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