[texhax] [pdftex] image XObjects in pdfTeX or XeTeX PDF output?

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Nov 23 16:21:32 CET 2010

"Karl Berry" <karl at freefriends.org>, 22.11.2010 23:01:47:
RK>    Though the character protrusion code of pdfTeX is already in XeTeX's
RK>    svn repository, but I doubt that it's actually used by XeTeX.  
KB> I did not actually try it, but Thanh told me that character protrusion
KB> is in fact implemented in the XeTeX that is in TL 2010.  He and Jonathan
KB> worked on getting it merged.

I hope this will propagate to the microtype and pdfcprot packages, 
Cc'ing their authors.



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