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It seems there are limits for LaTeX. I'm working on a book with listings (texttt, mathtt) with the listings package, normal text, math, a lot of big eps-pictures, marginnote and marginpar, and from time to time a whole paragraph with a changebar (bar outside, the side depends on the pagenumber). I know that this is a lot.
I used the changebar package. 

First - that time I did not see the cause - I had sometimes an empty page on the screen and the 
belonging text was missing. The effect: A certain page number was always not visible - let's assume page 35. I did put some empty pages at the front and got again page no. 35 not shown - but of course the (former) missing site
was shown (in fact) some pages later.  But now I have the impression that changebar is culpable. It's a thick volume (around 600 pages and I have the impression that LaTeX is overloaded.
BTW: I produce dvi-files and translate them with dvips. The making of the PDF is later done. 
But he translation to PDF (various ways) was never possible with the empty page included (and in the error message appeared a line with led me to suspect changebar). Translation to pdf was ok if the empty page wasn't included.

On page 223 I had a small paragraph with changebar (no pagebreak there), the changebar is done, but wrong (wrong site, 
wrong lower placing), so it comes out as an inclined line (see attachment). I tried a number of ways, deleted the aux-file and produced it again, but no way. 

Does anybody has an idea (by own experiences) how to get around the problem? 

I'm sorry that I cannot supply a short sample - it is just to many packages. 

With thanks in advance


PS: in the attachment the changebar is on the wrong side - besides his other defects.

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