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Trond Steihaug Trond.Steihaug at ii.uib.no
Fri Nov 5 15:09:59 CET 2010

I'm forwarding this question to you and hope you can help me.

Trond Steihaug

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This is a compilation issue (to do with Beamer and your TeX system)

The appropriate forum for this type of question is either theTeX news group
(see www.tug.org) or the MiKTEX list (see miktex.org)


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Subject: Changed to Windows 7

>  I've be running version 5.5 but when I changed to Windows 7 I used the
>  opportunity to also upgrade to v.6 with miktex 2.8. But I have some
>  minor problems with beamer: it produces some boxes and extra lines. I
>  enclose a picture showing the boxes. How should I remove these lines and
>  boxes??
>  Trond Steihaug

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