[texhax] Distributing TeX

Farzin Shakib farzin_shakib at acusim.com
Wed Mar 10 22:21:23 CET 2010


We would like to distribute LaTeX with our code.  As such, I have a few 

1.  Is there any legal issues (licensing) which we need to consider 
before shipping LaTeX with our distribution?

2.  Is it possible to put LaTeX files and directories under our 
distribution?  If so, how do we tell LaTeX where to find all the files 
and directories?  Note that our users can install our product in any 
directory.  As such, we would need to set the home directory name at 

3.  As you know, compiled version of LaTeX is fairly large.  Can you 
tell me what is the bare minimum directories that we need to ship?

Thank you in advance.
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