[texhax] An Index Package Question

J. Douglas Faires jfaires at ysu.edu
Wed Mar 10 18:58:20 CET 2010

I am finishing a book and like to have the bibliography indexed.

It seems that the way to go is to use the Index package to create a 
separate index for the bibliography items.

I think I have followed the instructions in the documentation and the 
package is loaded,
but my new index will not print, although I receive no error messages 
and the original index prints without a problem.

The relevant material from my file, I think, is listed below.

Standard index items are flagged in the form

\index{Gaussian Quadrature}

and a bibliographic item such as [Ab] is flagged in the form


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Faires


\documentclass[12pt, two-sided]{book}
\usepackage{fancyhdr,lastpage, ifthen, array, time}







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