[texhax] The last character of a string

Philip TAYLOR chaa006 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 11:16:05 CET 2010

Maybe use virtual fonts, Michael, with ligatures
between period and other punctuation flattening to
a single glyph ?

** Phil.
Michael Barr wrote:
 > Yes, inside TeX.  Since it pertains only to a few macros, I could
 > search them by hand. An example is that I might get a paper to edit
 > and it has \subjclass{...}. If it ends with a period, then I want to
 > set it as is.

 > If it doesn't, I want to add one. Some authors do the one and some do
 > the other. Another one is \subsection{...} whose parameter might end
 > in a period, a question mark, or even an exclamation point. Same
 > issue. A few authors use \subsubsection. I am ambivalent about
 > \section since the section headers are separated. If it were just my
 > own work, I could be consistent, but I am TeX editor for an online
 > journal.

 > Michael

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