[texhax] Package error

William Lee Valentine vip at cnsp.com
Wed Feb 10 04:20:53 CET 2010

Messieurs et Mesdames --

I am writing a set of volumes on what I would call personal recovery.
Planning to use TeX and LaTeX as the typesetter, I am trying to print
chapters from volume one. I fed these to PCTeX, the package from
Personal TeX, Inc., because it has the Lucida Bright fonts installed;
but I ran into an immediate problem.

In _The LaTeX Companion_ (2 ed pap 2004), the authors recommend the use
of the GEOMETRY package for setting page-layout parameters. I changed
the preamble that I had been using to employ GEOMETRY. In asking LaTeX
to set the chapters for volume one, however, I bit down on an error in
GEOMETRY for which I have no explanation.

I have included as an attachment to this message the (rather simple)
master module VOLUME1.TEX that brings in all others. One module that it
brings in early is VOLM1HDR.TEX (attached), which in turn brings in the
package GEOMETRY. I have attached as well the log file (VOLUME1.LOG).

I can see no error within VOLM1HDR.TEX in my typing the options for
GEOMETRY. Have I omitted a required option? Have I misspelled an option?

When I essayed this effort originally, I had not included the
INCLUDEHEAD option for GEOMETRY. Against the possibility that this
option was required, I added it for the run that I am here documenting;
but it made no difference. I got the same error on the same line within

I employ a package of my own design (SCRIBE) in formatting the text that
I am trying to set. SCRIBE expects to see format codes beginning with
dots (periods) on the left ends of given lines, in the manner of ROFF.
It then generates the corresponding LaTeX commands. Except for
references to SCRIBE in the comments to the modules attached, it should
make no difference that a SCRIBE run preceded the failing LaTeX run.

I would be most appreciative if you could illuminate this problem, or if
you could direct me to someone likely to understand this error.
GEOMETRY or some page-layout package must execute if I am to start to
set the material for the book.

I am a member of TUG. Thank you for your attention.

-- William Lee Valentine

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