[texhax] BachoTeX 2010 -- call for papers

Jerzy Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at uni.torun.pl
Thu Feb 4 10:54:01 CET 2010

Dear TeXies, programmers, typographers -- TeX friends and lovers of
fine typography,

    this is the call for papers and invitation for BachoTeX 2010, the
XVIIIth Polish TeX users Group conference.
    As usual, it will be held at the traditional TeXies' and GUST
meeting place, Bachotek near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland,
from April 30 until May 4, 2010, inclusive.
    This time we are especially trying to get-together typographers
with programmers and designers of typography systems:

    "Typographers and programmers: mutual inspirations"

    Typography, the art of composing signs and graphics into pages and
designing signs and graphics is nowadays inadvertently linked with
using software. Programmers design and create systems which serve as
tools for typographic projects.
    During this conference we want to get together two groups of
people: programmers and designers of typographic systems with
typographers and other users of such systems. Share your experiences.
Tell others how you are doing it. Let's together look into what
programmers can offer to those who create works containing letters and
other signs and how programmers can profit from the knowledge and
experience of the users of such systems, designers, typographers or
creators of web pages.
    The members of GUST, organizers of the conference, are especially
sensitive to typesetting precision, solicitude and dependability, both
in creating the tools and using them. We'd like the typographic and
programming elegance and solicitude to be reflected in the conference
    Especially invited are presentations on:
    * typographic projects ranging from business cards designs through
web pages up to multi-volume books; we are interested is problems
encountered, technologies employed, drawbacks of available software,
unfulfilled dreams, successes or barriers and obstacles.
    * designing and creating programs and programming systems aimed and
typographic goals: both batch and interactive typesetting systems,
client-server realizations, especially such for web sites.
    * use of typography where programmability is vital: database
extracts or combining multimedia and typography.

    Of course we will gladly accept presentations relating the above
with the TeX typesetting system but that is not a requirement for

    Let this meeting of typographers and programmers creating helper
systems for typography become a step towards beautiful results!

        Submissions, deadlines and addresses

    Proposals (abstracts) should be e-mailed to the Program Committee,
which listens at the address of prog-2010 at gust dot org dot pl.
Bogus\l{}aw Jackowski (b underscore jackowski at gust dot org dot pl) is
the appointed chairman. Also, please note the "Call for TeX Pearls"
    The deadline for abstracts and other proposals is March 28th 2010.
The deadline for final papers to appear in the conference materials is
April 10th, 2010.
    The conference web pages, including a registration form, are at the
canonical address: http://gust.org.pl/bachotex/2010.

        Call for TeX Pearls

    We are continuing the tradition of "The Pearls of TeX Programming".
Here is, briefly, what is wanted:

    * short TeX, MF or MP macro(s)
    * results must be useful, and the solution not obvious
    * easy to explain : 10 minutes at most

    If you have something that fits the bill, please consider
submitting a proposal. If you know of somebody's work that does the
same, please let us know, and we will contact that person. Other
details and previously collected pearls can be found at
http://www.gust.org.pl/projects/pearls/. The dedicated email address
is: pearls at gust dot org dot pl.

Jerzy Ludwichowski
GUST, President

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