[texhax] A couple of questions

Seyed Naser Hoseini nhoseini at mail.uk.ac.ir
Sat Dec 25 11:09:01 CET 2010

Dear Lady/Gentleman: I am writing a macro in tex but it is not working. This 
is what I want to do:

I have  a tex file A.tex. In another file, B.tex, I want to read A.tex line 
by line. First problem is when I read the file to, say \a (a token 
variable), it does not read some of tex characters such as %. I want to read 
everything on the line including all the characters. Now suppose I am 
reading the first line to \a and the second line to \b. I would like to 
compare \a and \b and get a true value if they are equal. I am using the 
following macro unsuccesfully.


I always get false for \isthesame{\a}{\b}, even when the two have the same 
I appreciate your help. 
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