[texhax] whitespace in ledmac 2-col footnotes

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Hi Uwe and everyone:

I've sent a longer reply to Uwe offlist, but yes, narrow-alley, 2-col commentary 
note format (flush left for short glosses) is standard for Shakespeare critical 
editions; my dissertation director uses this format.  

My own editorial project isn't Shakespeare (literally and figuratively), but the 
notes are complicated in the Shakespearean direction (more textual criticism to 
address, more knowledge accumulating for commentary). 


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>>If, in ledmac, I use
>>How do I adjust (decrease) the white space between the two columns?  So 
>>far, I
>>can't find instructions in the documentation or elsewhere.
>I do not know about white space here, may be your notes are so short that 
>you simply prefer three footnote columns!?
>Anyway, do you know any work that use footnote columns before!?
>     Uwe. 
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