[texhax] microtype and varioref - conflict?

Bo Thide' bt at phisp.irfu.se
Tue Sep 8 15:08:13 CEST 2009


I am finalising a largish textbook project, based on the memoir class,
and wanted to make a final typographical touch-up by using microtype before
sending the tex and/or pdf file(s) off to the publisher.

For smart referencing in my books, I use the varioref package.
Unfortunately, microtype does not seem to be able to coexist happily
with varioref.  In fact, using the two together sooner or later brings
the compilation (latex, pdflatex) to a complete halt with lots of
error output related to varioref functionanlity.

Checking the faq and the web for any clues has not given anything.
Can anybody confirm that mircrotype and varioref really function

It is getting near submission date...

Thanks in advance,



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