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c.a.rowley at open.ac.uk c.a.rowley at open.ac.uk
Tue May 5 10:05:54 CEST 2009

Bernd, Phil, Yannis, Uncle Tom Cobbley ...

Please get your history right!  The ornithological heresy came from Adobe's
'official PostScript names' for these glyphs.  So go tell that to the

Team LaTeX is, as in all matters, totally guilt-free and irresponsible.


 > I suspected german.sty had brought it into TeX, it has `guillemot' as
 > of control sequences. The documentation, however, says `guillemets'.
 > Inspector Taylor, would you please arrest Bernd Raichle and hear him?

The words "guillemotleft" etc. were introduced into "german.sty" with
the first support for LaTeX2e and its "inputenc" mechanism.  In 1994/5
I simply copied the names from the LaTeX2e files when introducing the
appropriate definitions for "text symbols" used for the various double
and single quote glyphs.  Thus you have to arrest the responsible
persons of the LaTeX2e team, Alan and Frank as authors of the first
version of "inputenc" :-)

Btw. is this prehistoric TeX archaeology? ;-}

Best wishes,

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