[texhax] TeXLive2008 for Kubuntu

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 31 00:22:05 CEST 2009

Hi David,

    I haven't received my TeXlive 2008 disk yet, 

Were you a member in 2008?  You certainly should have received it in
that case.  I see you sent the registration form for 2009 (but didn't
see it in 2008), but that gets the 2009 TeX Live, not automatically the
2008 DVD -- that's an option.  Confusing, I know, but we haven't been
able to find a clearer way to handle it.

Anyway, please feel free to write office-admin at tug.org and we'll
straighten out any membership stuff.  Thanks for your support!
    but I'd like to upgrade my TeXlive 2007 installation on my linux
    system (Kubuntu 8.10, KDE 4.2, AMD-64).  Unfortunately, the older
    packages are still on the Ubuntu package site.

     What's the best way to do upgrade my system now?

If you have a decent net connection, the best way is to download the net
installer and run it.  It'll install under /usr/local (by default) and
hence not conflict with anything the system provides.
See http://tug.org/texlive/acquire.html for info.

Best regards,

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