[texhax] MS-Word to LaTeX conversion program

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Wed Mar 11 19:46:25 CET 2009

Tom Schneider schrieb:

> So is there a way yet to get OOo to read a .doc file and spit out
> LaTeX from the command line?  I always like wrapping up such things in
> scripts - it's faster and simpler than launching a big application.

I don't know whether you can script OOo from the commandline... But OTOH
DOC is a doomed format because as from Windows 7 Wordpad does not
support DOC any more. Its successor is DOCX. Besides, ODT is supported.
So at least Windows users will slowly change to DOCX which means that it
will become easier to convert from MS Word to ODT which you then can
apply w2l to.

I've just come across wordml2latex, perhaps this is another solution for
those running MS Word 2003ff.:



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