[texhax] MS-Word to LaTeX conversion program

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Mar 11 19:33:03 CET 2009


> > Ok, that's what I suspected.  There may be times when one wants to go
> > from a .doc to .tex without any other files.
> In this case you won't use OOo because w2l only converts sxw/odt to LaTeX.
> > There was a possibility, suggested from what you wrote, that for some
> > reason OOo had to write the ODT before being able to create a .tex
> > file.
> In fact, this is the case, but it is hidden from the user when calling
> w2l from within OOo as an export filter. When applying w2l on the ODT
> from the commandline, you have to save as ODT beforehand yourself.

Ah, got it, thanks.

So is there a way yet to get OOo to read a .doc file and spit out
LaTeX from the command line?  I always like wrapping up such things in
scripts - it's faster and simpler than launching a big application.


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