[texhax] MS-Word to LaTeX conversion program

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Mar 11 19:09:26 CET 2009


> >> OOo can import doc files and export LaTeX. You should save the doc
> >> file as ODT from OOo before exporting to LaTeX.
> > 
> > Why should one save as ODT?
> It's the native format of OOo. Exporting to LaTeX works without saving
> to ODT beforehand, of course. But the ODT file is what writer2latex
> works on. And there is no LaTeX import, vice versa. So if you need to
> change anything you should recur to the ODT.

Ok, that's what I suspected.  There may be times when one wants to go
from a .doc to .tex without any other files.  There was a possibility,
suggested from what you wrote, that for some reason OOo had to write
the ODT before being able to create a .tex file.

> > I've added this information to 
> > http://www.ccrnp.ncifcrf.gov/~toms/latex.html
> ...which I have, in return, added to
> http://texcatalogue.sarovar.org/bytopic.html#biology
> (will appear on CTAN only tomorrow)



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