[texhax] Changing \skip\footins locally

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Feb 11 16:16:46 CET 2009

At 12:12 11.02.09, Yannis Haralambous wrote:
>I would like to fit an extra line of text in a specific page with 
>footnotes. When I attempt to change \skip\footins on that page only, it 
>has no effect whatsoever. I realized that only when I change \skip\footins 
>in the LaTeX preamble it has some effect on the typeset result.
>How can I change locally (for one page only) the blank space between text 
>and footnote so that I can fit an additional line of text on that page, 
>without changing footnote behaviour for the rest of the document?

I find it somewhat contradictory to expect extra space for text by 
reserving extra white space.

Since pagebreaking, including breaking footnotes, depends on quite a number 
of parameters, notably penalty values, and on the special distribution of 
demerits in the main vertical list, it is not easy to help you here. E.g., 
the line you want to have on the same page may have a footnote whose first 
line just doesn't fit on the same page.

Perhaps it would work to decrease \dimen\footins. On a final stage of the 
work, I would just try  \pagebreak and \nopagebreak (I am not sure about 
\enlargethispage, is it still supported?). But we know too little of your 



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