[texhax] using align, array, eqnarry within tabular environment

Stephen Tucker brown_emu at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 00:21:08 CEST 2009

Hi Phil, thank you for the response! Yes, so it is not of my doing...

But align within minipage still does not work for me - I get too many } or & error in that case.

Since yesterday I have found that I can get it to work with a series of equations with $$ within tabular
$eqn1$ \\
or even with an array environment within an equation environment within minipage with \tabularnewline, within tabular.

Is there perhaps an equivalent replacement for & as there is for \\ with \tabularnewline that you (or the list) know of?

Thanks again,


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> I have a question regarding the use of align, array, or 
> eqnarray within a table created by tabular. Align works fine 
> by itself, or within a minipage. For example:
> [snip]
> However, the following (- align nested within tabular -) 
> gives ! LaTeX Error: \begin{document} ended by \end{tabular}. 
> ! Missing $ inserted. and so on... 
> [snip]

This "behaviour" is, I believe, by design: align and co are display
environments and are not meant to be put inside boxes (as are used in
constructing tabes and arrays).  You might try either normal math blocks and
\displaystyle, as in $\displaystyle x=1$ or put the align environment inside
a minipage.

Cheers,   Phil


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